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Journal papers
*Mikio Shinya, Michio Shiraishi, Yoshinori Dobashi, Kei Iwasaki, Tomoyuki Nishita, Rendering Translucent Materials with Plane-parallel Solution, the Jounal of Information Processing, vol. 17, pp.180-190, 2009.
pdf (1.1MB)
*Masakatsu Aoki, Mikio Shinya, Ken Tsutsuguchi: Dynamic texture: A physically based 2D animation system. Systems and Computers in Japan, vol. 37, No. 6, pp. 73-81, 2006.

*Mikio Shinya, Mikito Notomi, Kouki Minamida, Takafumi Saito: Epipolar-plane image analysis by error minimization of synthesized images. Systems and Computers in Japan, vol. 36, No. 6, pp. 92-101, 2005.

*M. Shinya, Theories for Spring-Mass Simulation in Computer Graphics: Stability, costs and Improvements, IEICE Trans. Info & Sys, vol. E88-D, No.4, 767-774, 2005.
pdf (302 KB)
* S. Nishida and M. Shinya, Use of image-based information in judgments of surface-reflectance properties, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, vol. 15, No. 12, 1998.
scanned pdf (13.9MB)
* M. Shinya, T. Mori, N. Osumi, Periodic motion synthesis and Fourier compression, The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, vol. 9, pp. 95-107, 1998
scanned b/w pdf (849KB) , scanned color pdf (7.7MB)
* M. Shinya, T. Mori, N. Osumi, A system subdivision approach for large radiosity computation, The Visual Computer, vol. 14, pp.18-30, 1998
scanned pdf (7.7MB)
* M. Kimura, T. Saito, M. Shinya, Surface deformation with differential geometric structures, Computer Aided Geometric Design, vol. 13, pp.243-256, 1996
scanned pdf (550KB)
* M. Shinya, M-C Forgue, Laying out objects with geometric and physical constraints, The Visual Computer, vol. 11, pp.188-201, 1994
scanned b/w pdf (5.3MB) , color pdf (14.4MB)
* M. Shinya, A. Fournier, Stochastic Motion - Motion Under the Influence of Wind, Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of Eurographics'92), vol 11, No.3, pp. C-119-128, 1992.
scanned b/w pdf (615KB)
* M. Shinya, M-C Forgue, Interference Detection through Rasterization, The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, vol. 2, pp. 132-134, 1991
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Reviewed conference papers
*Michio Shiraishi, Mikio Shinya and Rikiya Watanabe, 3D Animation of Aerial Firework Reconstructed from Single Image, NICOGRAPH International 2007, May 25-26, 2007

* M Shinya, Stabilizing explicit methods in spring-mass simulation, CGI'2004, pp.528-531, 2004

*M. Shinya, Unifying measured point sequences of deforming objects, 3DPVT 2004,pp.904-911, 2004.
pdf (802KB)
* M. Shinya, T. Saito, T. Mori, N. Osumi: VR models from Epipolar Images: An Approach to Minimize Errors in Synthesized Images, in LNCS 1352 (Proc. of ACCV'98), vol II, Springer, pp. 471-478, 1998.
pdf (157KB)
* N. Osumi, M. Shinya, T. Mori, NLS: Collaborative virtual environment to promote shared awareness, CIKM'96, Workshop on New Paradigms in Information Visualization, 1996
scanned pdf (395KB)
* M. Shinya, Improvements on the Pixel-tracing Filter: Reflection/Refraction, Shadows, and Jittering, Graphics Interface'95, pp.92-102, 1995
scanned b/w pdf (1.5MB)
* M. Shinya, Post-filtering for Depth of Field Simulation with Ray Distribution Buffer, Graphics Interface'94, pp.59-66, 1994.
scanned b/w pdf (1.5MB)
* M. Shinya, Spatial Anti-aliasing for Animation Sequences with Spatio-temporal Filtering, Computer Graphics, vol.27, pp.289-296, 1993.
scanned b/w pdf (1.3MB)
* M-C Forgue, M. Shinya, Real-time Impact Dynamics Simulation, CompuGraphics'91, pp.427-435, 1991.
scanned pdf (578KB)
* T. Saito, M. Shinya and T. Takahashi, Highlighting Rounded Edges, CG International'89, pp. 613-629, 1989

* M. Shinya, T. Saito and T. Takahashi, Rendering Techniques for Transparent Objects, Graphics Interface'89, pp.173-182, 1989.
scanned pdf (1.0MB)
* M. Shinya, T. Takahashi and S. Naito, Principles and applications of Pencil Tracing, Computer Graphics, vol. 21, No.4, pp. 45-54, 1987.
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Oral presentation
*Yuki Shimada, Mikio Shinya, Michio Shiraishi, Takahiro Harada, Real-rime rendering of dynamic clouds, SIGGRAPH 2007 Poster, 2007.
pdf (49KB)
*Mikio Shinya, Michio Shiraishi, Akiteru Hayashi, Yu Maruyama, Emi Okada, Naomi Inomata, Atsuko Sakai, Kyousuke Ono, and Takashi Harada, A System Design for 3D Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Bone Database Construction, The 5th Congress of the ISSiS, p.125, October 16-18, 2006.

*S. Tamura, M Shinya, Y Maruyama, A. Hayashi, Facial simulation and Measurements: Changes of facial units and contour associated with facial expression, The 4th International and the 14th Japan Society for Simulation Surgery, 2004 Joint Meeting, appeared in Journal of the Japan Society for Simulation Surgery, vol. 12, No. 3, p.40, 2004.

* M. Shinya, M. Aoki, K. Tsutsuguchi, N. Kotani, Dynamic Texture: Physically Based 2D Animation, Siggraph'99 Conference Abstracts and Applications(Siggraph'99 Sketches), p.239, 1999.
pdf (206KB)
* M. Shinya, S. Nishida, A Psychophysical Study on Human Perception of Surface Reflectance, Siggraph'98 Conference Abstracts and Applications (Siggraph'98 Sketches), p.275, 1998.

* S. Nishida, M. Shinya, Aparent surface reflectance depends on shape, Investigative Opthalmology & Visual Science (Proc. of Annual Meeting of Arvo'97), vol. 38, No. 4, p. S897, #4192, 1997.

* M. Kimura, T. Saito, M. Shinya, Surface Deformation with Differential Geometric Structures, The 3rd SIAM Conference on Geometric Design, 1993

* M. Shinya, Hierarchical 3D-Texture, Workshop on Local Illumination, Graphics Interface'92, pp.61-67, 1992.
scanned pdf (289KB)